About Creating Change

A network to grow best practice in targeted youth arts

Creating Change is a network for organisations involved in creative participatory group work with children and young people at risk.

It is a chance for those involved in practice, policy or research to work together to:

  • promote the arts as a powerful and effective intervention for young people who are marginalised or socially disadvantaged
  • disseminate and celebrate best practice
  • raise the profile of arts organisations that use dynamic group work for social change
  • share dialogue and a language in and outside the arts
  • create sharing hubs in regions across the UK

Creating Change has a core group of organisations that act as a steering group for the network and who represent different art forms and regions across the UK.

Creating Change is inviting a wider membership of individuals and organizations to become associate members. There is no cost to join the network; we see it as a place to share learning and resources as well as a way to connect organisations and practitioners working in this sector.  

Members are committed to high quality work that precipitates social change with children and young people, especially young people who are vulnerable and at risk due to a range of social and economic exclusion issues, including offending, substance misuse and homelessness.  They might be NEET or in PRUs, looked after, or young carers.

Creating Change brings together those who use participatory arts and dynamic group work, where collaboration between young people engages their thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and beliefs with an emphasis on self-development.   The network supports training opportunities, disseminates best practice and acts as a hub for the sharing of resources  and information.

We look forward to working with you!

Core members

Associate members